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Däsh Goods is a local based brand in Southtyrol, founded by a couple of outdoor friends.

We focus on providing you with high quality standard, green and comfortable apparel.

That's the reason we use both organic inks and fabrics for our products.

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Not only the quality you wanted, but the one you actually deserve.

Our products are meticulously selected to live up to your expectations. So that every individual is satisfied knowing how much we care about quality.

The Däsh Goods Family.

All with one common mindset, our love for adventures.
So we don't care if you're a Skier, Biker, Artist or anything else on this planet.
Supporting us means learning and growing with us. We can all do better and exactly that’s the direction we’re headed.


Who the hell is Däsh?

Däsh is our peluche mascotte, which brought together a group of friends to start filming their Shred days.
Through School we were taught about Screen Printing, and we decided to start creating our own stuff, the rest is history...